A place for community.

Hillside, Lakeside or Poolside. Buda Place RV Resort is designed for all walks of life. Roll down the grassy knolls, rollerblade around the lake, grill some dinner and relax in the hot tub. Gather or meditate. Star-gaze, jam-out with community events, book your in-laws in an Airstream Stay by the lake.

We believe home should equal freedom & privacy. Our community layout is designed to maximize your unique experience.

We are a network of travelers, nature lovers, and tech enthusiasts on-the-go. The shared belief that “life is more than a mortgage” is what brings our guests together. We are redefining the “white-picket-fence" American dream. Book Here.

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A big place for efficient living

30 acres built on the historic Hillside Terrace with Buda’s native resources in mind. Curated for your needs, our easy check-in system supports the diverse needs of our guests and residents. Let us know your priorities and we will help optimize your experience.

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A place for convenience.

Living small does not mean that you need to give up on the perks of modern life. Buda Place is located in an extremely convenient location.

Some of the highlights nearby:

  • Buda is a cool town. If you’ve never been, we would highly recommend visiting sometime. It’s got a cool “Austin’s little brother” vibe which means you’re always going to find great food and somebody playing a live show. We are just down the road from downtown Buda.
  • You’d never guess it when you’re on the property, but Interstate 35 is only 0.2 miles away, giving you easy access to State Parks, downtown Austin, San Marcos, and Lockhart for some BBQ. Take the backroads 25 minutes to Austin-Bergstrom Airport. It’s the perfect home base.
  • Buda has some great schools, and specifically, McCormick Middle School is our next-door neighbor. Go Tigers!
  • There are also all of the shops, grocery stores, and clinics that you would expect, all within just a few miles.
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We've got something for everyone.

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